The Landia EradiGator pump has removed the grease and rag problems at West Hickman Creek wastewater treatment plant.

The shafts on the Philadelphia mixers in the wastewater treatment plant were breaking from grease and rags building up on them. The design of the Landia EradiGator pump, with a mixing nozzle and a bladed chopper system, allows the EradiGator pump to tackle particle-laden wastewater while preventing dry matter particles from getting caught in the pump.

West Hickman’s maintenance mechanic, Danny League said: “We are in the process of removing a second (Philadelphia) mixer where we are going to place another Landia EradiGator. That leaves us with only two more mixers to be replaced next year with Landia EradiGators. We are happy with our Landias!”

The Landia EradiGator pump is available in motors ranging from 3.6 HP to 30.2 HP

Source: Pumps

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