MAN Diesel Expands CP Propeller Portfolio
MAN Diesel is expanding their propeller portfolio to add two new propeller hub-sizes – VBS2080 and VBS2240, 2080 mm and 2240 mm diameters respectively. The propeller sizes are typically applied to ConRo vessels, shuttle tankers and special vessels with high ice classes, and are powered by MAN B&W two-stroke MC-C or ME-C main engines that directly drive a CP propeller.

Since the potential for improving propeller propulsive efficiency aft-ship optimization is greater than that for improving diesel engine fuel oil economy, MAN Diesel has been devoting more resources to its CP propeller porgram and associated aft-ship systems, with the aim of improving total propulsive efficiency by 8-10% within the next 3-5 years.

Low environmental impact and optimal fuel-oil consumption can play against each other in diesel engine design however, they go hand in hand with propellers since an increase in propeller efficiency results in lower propulsion power and fewer emissions.

The new Alpha propeller hubs focus on reliability, low wear-rates and service-friendliness and are servicable from the aft-end, with no dismantling required. The Alpha CP market series operates on biodegradable oil in both the stern-tube system and the propeller hub. This helps to eliminate risk to the environment and assures internal propeller lubrication, even in the event of seawater contamination.

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