MAN Diesel Introduces 10 MW Engine

The new 28/33D version has an improved design and is available in 12-, 16-, and 20-cylinder versions with respective outputs of 5460, 7280 and 9100 kW. With a 10% overload possible for one hour, every six hours, these outputs rise to 6000, 8000 and 10 000 kW respectively, making the 20-cylinder version the first 10 MW engine at 1000 r/min.

The compact design of the V28/33D is tailored for three main segments – multiple propulsion applications including all types of fast ferry, naval ships, super-yachts, a Sequential Turbocharging (STC) edition and as gen-sets for offshore applications. Additional design features include an in-house developed, engine-mounted SaCoS one safety and control system and the new TCA33 turbocharger, which has been tuned for the V28/33D engine.

According to MAN Diesel, the new V28/33D has one of the highest power density ratings in its class while maintaining full compliance with IMO-II and EPA Tier II legislation. These challenges were met through the development of an “Emission Tier II package” that includes: an optimized injection system, a combustion chamber, Miller cycling, a high efficiency charge-air cooler and improved NOx/SFC/soot trade-off.

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