Flow International Corporation, a manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology, has introduced the HyPlex Hybrid pump, which has been designed to cut faster than any other direct drive pump on the market.

The HyPlex Hybrid pump is rated at 60,000 psi, making it the highest-pressure direct drive pump in the industry, the company says. The HyPlex Hybrid pump features patented PAC-V technology making it possible to provide automatic pressure control. The HyPlex Hybrid pump uses cone aperture technology to automatically maintain a true pressure signal, regardless of the orifice size or pressure setting, allowing users to switch between orifice sizes without having to change anything on the HyPlex Hybrid pump to accommodate the increased or decreased water flow.

The HyPlex Hybrid pump also features a new seal design making the HyPlex Hybrid pump reportedly the longest lasting direct drive pump on the market today.

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