Griswold Model 811CC ANSI centrifugal pump

Griswold Pump Company has developed the 811CC close coupled ANSI centrifugal pump for use in small spaces.

The Griswold 811CC ANSI centrifugal pump is a smaller version of the standard Griswold 811 ANSI pump containing a smaller electrical motor encased in a compact, space-saving footprint.

The new 811CC ANSI centrifugal pump utilizes an ANSI-dimensional liquid end so the *811CC ANSI centrifugal pump can be ‘dropped’ in line with existing piping. The ANSI casing means the 811CC centrifugal pump can be used on the existing pump and can replace a defective power end with the 811CC ANSI centrifugal pump’s back-pullout assembly. The impeller on the 811CC ANSI centrifugal pump has been fitted with an O-ring seal to eliminate loosening and is also better equipped to handle corrosive and erosive fluids.

Benefits of the Griswold 811CC ANSI centrifugal pump to the user include a lower cost than frame-mounted ANSI pumps, a close-coupled electric motor which eliminates the need for coupling alignment and oil-level monitoring and reduced maintenance costs.

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