Ecolutia Services is adding its Proteus series to the Cleantech mobile water treatment fleet to provide water security.

The Proteus series contains automated technologies which ensure a constant optimised system performance without the need for permanent on-site cover. The security of the treated water supply is maintained through the use of wireless remote monitoring and data logging technologies which can provide real-time information, enabling remote troubleshooting and maintenance.

The solutions from the Proteus series are available as four-vessel mobile containerised systems achieving flow rates up to 7200 m³/d ( ˜1.9 MGD) or as mobile skid mounted single vessels for flow rates up to 1800 m³/d ( ˜475,00 GPD). The four-vessel system from can achieve a product water quality output of <0.1 µS/cm, <5 ppb silica and <5 ppb dissolved oxygen, based on the application and feed water quality. The Proteus series from Ecolutia provides pre-treatment to seawater, brackish water or permeate water for a range of applications such as softening, filtration, demineralisation, condensate polishing and de-oxygenation.

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