Dresser-Rand Sells 700th DATUM centrifugal Compressor
Dresser-Rand Group Inc. has announced the sale of its 700th DATUM centrifugal compressor. It is one of six purchased by Rolls-Royce to package with its Trent and RB211 gas turbines. Gazprom will install these compressor packages in Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline.

This is the first DATUM compressor order for Gazprom, the energy company managing construction of the booster compression station in the 1200 km Russian pipeline project. As a new leg of an existing network, the Nord Stream pipeline will extend under the Baltic Sea from eastern Siberia to Germany and transport an estimated 55 x 109m3 per year of natural gas upon completion in 2012.

DATUM compressor will be in service in Russias Nord Stream pipeline

Nord Stream will consist of two parallel lines. The first one, with a transmission capacity of around 27 x 109m3 per year, is due for completion in 2011. The second line is due to be completed in 2012, doubling annual capacity to around 55 x 109 m3. This is enough to supply more than 25 million households in Europe.

The Nord Stream natural gas pipeline will be laid across the Baltic Sea, from Vyborg, Russia, to Greifswald, Germany. The pipeline will be built and operated by Nord Stream AG. A 917 km long onshore connection in the Russian territory is being built by Gazprom to connect Nord Stream to the Russian gas transmission system. Two onshore connections from Greifswald to the south and west of Germany, with a total length of 850 km, will be built by WINGAS and E.ON Ruhrgas. Nord Stream will transport gas to Germany where it can be transported onward to Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K., France and other countries.

Most of the natural gas to be supplied by Gazprom via Nord Stream will come from the Yuzhno-Russkoye oil and gas field — one of the largest fields in the world. These deposits are located in the Krasnoselkupsky District, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area, Tyumen Region. The field has estimated reserves of over 1 x 1012 m3 of gas, including more than 700 x 109 m3 of proven reserves. After the planned capacity has been reached, the field will yield roughly 25 x 109 m3 of gas per year.

Nord Stream will later be supplied with additional gas from fields on the Yamal Peninsula, in Ob-Taz bay and Shtokmanovskoye. The six DATUM D14 compressors, manufactured by Dresser-Rand in its Le Havre, France, facility, will be located in a compression station at Portovaya, north of St. Petersburg, Russia.

DATUM centrifugal compressors were introduced in 1995, after three years of development by engineers at the Turbo Products operations in Olean, New York, U.S.A. DATUM compressors are available in 14 frame sizes and feature a completely modular bundle assembly for both axially and radially split units. The bundle assembly consists of the rotor, diaphragms and other stationary flow path components, bearings, seals and instrumentation — essentially everything but the outer casing shell. This design permits the complete assembly of all internal components on most units in a shop environment where working conditions are more controlled than on an operating deck.

A key feature of the DATUM product line is the standardization of components. Impeller families and matchingstationary components are designed to be scaled to all frame sizes.

The product utilizes the same impellers, diaphragms, bearings and seals in both axially and radially split models. The same casing features are available in all frame sizes. “The DATUM compressor, with its unique modular design concept, introduced significant advancements in efficiency and ease of maintenance while reducing life-cycle costs,” said Jean- Bernard Roulet, regional sales manager of New Units at Dresser-Rand in Le Havre, France. “These 700 units can be found in 45 countries and represent nearly the full range of gas compression


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