BioPetroClean has signed a global commercial agreement with Dow Chemical Company to significantly strengthen its distribution channels.

Dow and BioPetroClean are working on a first field application of the Dow-BPC Water Treatment system.Dow will market the Dow BPC Water Treatment system to refinery and produced-water markets with exclusivity in various regions.

BioPetroClean’s Automated Chemostat Treatment (BPC-ACT) consists of three elements: a bacteria cocktail customized for specific water types, a control unit and a basin or tank that serves as the reactor. BioPetroClean’s bioremediation solutions allow a wastewater treatment plant to increase its reliability and capacity while reducing cost of operations.

CEO of BioPetroClean, David Amir said: “The selection of the BPC solution by a worldwide leader such as Dow is a great endorsement from a company that can help us take advantage of the worldwide opportunity and enable massive deployment of our new and exciting technology.”

Janet Giesselman, President and General Manager of Dow Oil and Gas said: “Dow BPC Water Treatment technology has immense potential — for communities, the oil and gas industry, the environment and our business. We are committed to creating clean, sustainable water supplies. This is one more step toward solving this global challenge.”

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