ABB Powering LNG Carriers

The ABB solution is part of a dual-fuel electric propulsion (DFEP) concept that uses a 4-stroke engine, fueled by either natural gas or diesel, to generate electricity, which is then used to power the carrier’s electric propulsion system and meet its overall need for electric power. The concept has been successful, with ABB winning contracts for electric power and propulsion systems for 33 LNG carriers since 2003.

The DFEP system enables carrier operations to deliver more gas at lower cost than with traditional propulsion systems. ABB’s electronic propulsion system delivers a fuel efficiency of more than 40%, which is a 30% reduction in fuel consumption and a corresponding lowering of harmful exhaust emissions, in relation to traditional systems.

The DFEP system also increases the cargo capacity of a standard LNG carrier by 6%, without altering the ship’s external dimensions. According to ABB, the capacity of the onboard power plant is 10% less than carriers with traditional propulsion systems.

Other benefits of the electric propulsion system include improved maneuverability, faster stopping times (seven minutes against the 20-30 minutes of mechanical propulsion systems) and blackout prevention.

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