ProMinent has developed the TriPower MF, a process pump with a small footprint. It has an integrated gearbox which helps make the design more compact.

The TriPower MF oscillating displacement pump has a fixed stroke which delivers up to 38 m3/h at pressures of up to 400 bar. The TriPower MF pump is resistant to aggressive, corrosive, and inflammable media and features a multilayer safety diaphragm to help ensure safe, non-leaking metering.

The TriPower MF pump is designed for oil and gas and meets the general quality requirements of the American Petrol Institute’s guideline API 674. Chemical, toxic and flammable liquids are metered reliably and continuously during high temperature fluctuations and high back pressures.

The TriPower MF pump incorporates a hermetically sealed hydraulic diaphragm unit with PTFE double diaphragm, which prevents the chemicals from leaking, and an integrated overflow valve to protect against overload. The crank has an integrated pressure lubrication systemwhich minimises maintenance and repair requirements fo the TriPower MF pump. Aggressive media can be developed in an output range of 4,000 to 38,000 l/h at 400-50 bar.

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