Unionmatex Industrieanlagen, a German supplier of industrial plants, is relying on Berkefeld water treatment technology to manage the water cycle of the grain mills, from the production of drinking and process water and purification to the recycling of the wastewater.

Unionmatex is building several large-scale grain mill plants with a connected big bakery which require great amounts of high-grade treated water so that the processes run perfectly and the quality of the end-product is right. Unionmatex has employed Berkefeld, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies to supply grain mills in Sedar and Ruhabat with a river treatment plant to provide drinking water for the mill operation as well as process water for a large-scale bakery and boiler water backfeed.

The first treatment stage of the river treatment plant provided by Berkefeld will encompass gravel filtration, UFlex ultrafiltration, activated carbon filters, a pure water tank and booster pumps which produce the required drinking water quality. The second treatment stage of the river treatment plant employs the Berkefeld maxiRO system for softening and reverse osmosis. The Berkefeld maxiRO produces extremely low-salt water with conductivity of less than150 µS/cm, and for another production line of even less than 50 µS/cm.

Berkefeld is supplying the WWT 9 Biopur type plug-and-play wastewater treatment plant which copes with wastewater quantities with organic loads corresponding to 50 or 150 inhabitant equivilants. The Berkefeld wastewater treatment plant includes a Berkal high-performance disc filter with fully automatic backwashing to clean the water of further suspended particles.

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