Siemens Completes Testing Of Its SGT5-8000H, Increases Rated Output From 340 MW To Over 375 MW

Siemens Energy has successfully completed trial operation of the SGT5-8000H, in the Irsching 4 power plant. After 1500 operating hours, 1200 at full load, and evaluation of the measured data the machine’s original rated output of 340 MW was raised to 375 MW in simple cycle duty.

Siemens SGT5-8000H

In combined cycle operation, output will increase by 40 MW to more than 570 MW. These 40 MW are sufficient to supply an additional 220,000 people with electricity. Expansion of the plant to a combined cycle station has in the meantime commenced. In 2011, E.ON will take over this environmentally friendly fossil-fueled power plant. The test results fully meet the expectations of the Siemens engineers. “With its energy efficiency and high performance level the new gas turbine is a prime example of climate protection,” said Michael Suess, CEO of the Fossil Power Generation Division of Siemens Energy. “Compared to the first advanced combined cycle plants the new gas turbine reduces annual CO2-emissions by approximately 45,000 metric tons,” added Suess. That is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions from approximately 25,000 mid-range cars clocking up 20,000 km a year.

“In Irsching, Block 4, we were able to experience the performance of the world’s most efficient gas turbine for ourselves,” said Bernhard Fischer, Member of the Managing Board of E.ON Energie AG and E.ON’s CTO. “Expansion is currently under way to a combined cycle power plant. With its commissioning in the year 2011, it will similarly set new standards when it comes to efficiency and output,” added Fischer.

High efficient gas turbines are part of the Siemens environmental portfolio with which the company earned revenues of nearly US$28 billion in fiscal 2008, That is, equivalent to about a quarter of Siemens’ total revenue.

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