Edwards has introduced iXL500, the first in a line of dry vacuum pumps designed for load lock applications in solar cell and flat panel display manufacturing.

According to Mike Allison, MD of the solar, semiconductor and flat panel display divisions at Edwards, the iXL 500 offers up to 60% improvement in cost of ownership compared to its predecessor. The pump is also compact and quiet relative to its pumping speed. Allison says that several improvements have been made to make the pump more energy efficient and easy to install and maintain.


The iXL 500 from Edwards measures 1186 X 517 X 966 mm, offers a pumping speed of 1800 m3h-1 and consumes 7 kW of power. It features a low intertia booster designed to shorten load lock evacuation times with faster pumping at higher inlet pressures.
The vacuum pump features intelligent monitoring and is compatible with the FabWorks™ network system.

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