Aqua Engineering GmbH is the competence centre for municipal water treatment and seawater desalination of the Christ Water Technology Group.

The Federal Electricity and Water Authority in the United Arab Emirates, together with a local partner, placed the first order with Aqua Engineering with a total value of USD 38 million. The proposed desalination plant will supply 150,000 inhabitants of the Emirate of Ajman in the Persian Gulf with a daily capacity of 32,000 cubic metres of drinking water.

The second order was placed by The National Organisation for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage, Kairo. The order for EUR 9 millioninvolves Aqua Engineering providing the electrical and mechanical engineering for two Reverse Osmosis desalination plants with the combined capacity of 10,000 cubic metres of drinking water per day. The Reverse Osmosis plants will supply drinking water to the cities of Rafah and El Zowayed on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt.

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