Siemens To Expand Power Supply Network In Dubai

As part of further expansion of Dubai’s power supply network Siemens Energy has secured an order worth approximately US$128 million from the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). The order from the United Arab Emirates covers the supply of a turnkey substation for the 400 kV/132 kV voltage levels. It encompasses gas-insulated switchgear technology with a total of 14 switchgear bays for 400 kV and 30 bays for 132 kV. That also includes four 500-MVA power transformers and the requisite protection and instrumentation & control equipment. The power supply project is slated for completion within 22 months.

The substation, which Siemens will erect in the Al Mamzar district, will strengthen the existing power supply network. “Securing this order was not only attributable to our global expertise in the field of innovative, energy-efficient power solutions but also to our customer’s high level of satisfaction with the execution of previous projects,” said Udo Niehage, CEO of the Power Transmission Division within Siemens Energy.

The order is a further milestone in the successful business conducted by Siemens Energy in the Gulf region, where power demand continues to rise. Based on current studies power consumption in the United Arab Emirates will increase by an annual average of six percent. In recent years orders for 50 turnkey substations have come from Dubai alone. Only recently the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority contracted Siemens to build two turnkey 400-kV substations to supply power for other infrastructure projects in the emirate. Together with the new project Siemens has secured all the commissions advertised for turnkey 400-kV substations in Dubai this year

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