Hyundai Heavy Industries Achieves Production Milestone

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) recently announced reaching the production milestone of 90 million brake horsepower (BHP) in two-stroke engine production. HHI first began producing marine diesel engines 30 years ago. The recent milestone was achieved with the production of a 93,360 bhp engine for 8600 TEU containership this month.

Hyundai two-stroke engine

The 93,360 bhp engine is HHI’s 3020th engine produced and has the equivalent power of 670 automobiles. The engine features 12 cylinders each with a diameter of 98 centimeters. The engine is 25 meters long, 49 feet high and 62 feet wide.

HHI has expanded its production capacity to 10 million bhp per year with continuous improvements in the areas of technology and facilities. The company is expecting to reach 100 million bhp during the second half of 2010.

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