Alstom To Supply Diesel Generators for China’s First EPR Nuclear Power Plant

Alstom has won an order to supply eight new emergency diesel generators (EDGs) to the Taishan nuclear power plant in Guangdong, China, the country’s first EPR-based plant. The contract was signed between a consortium regrouping Alstom Power Turbomachines, Alstom Wuhan Engineering & Technology Co. Ltd. and MAN Diesel SAS, and an Areva-led consortium with the China Nuclear Power Engineering Co, Ltd. and the owner TSNPC. With a scope of US$58 million in the contract, Alstom, as the leader of the consortium will supply the design, manufacturing and procurement for 8 x 9.1 MW EDGs, and provide the on-site support service. These EDGs, the highest unit-output models for similar applications in the world, will be due for commissioning in 2013.

The Taishan project is part of China’s plan to increase its total installed nuclear power generating capacity from about 1.2% to 5% by 2020. China is planning to dramatically increase its installed nuclear power capacity by 2020, implying the construction of 30 or more new nuclear units, in which the Taishan plant will play a major role.

The Alstom / MAN (Pielstick) consortium has been the world’s first supplier in integrated EDG packages for nuclear reactors for the last 10 years, and 40% of nuclear plants worldwide now use their equipment. Analysts have predicted that China’s nuclear power equipment market may grow to the scale of US$59 billion by 2020. The Taishan EDG contract is the second biggest contract, according to contract value, awarded to Alstom-Man in China.

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