Dresser-Rand Hits Sale of 700th DATUM Centrifugal Compressor

DATUM Centrifugal Compressor

Unit is one of six that will be packaged with Rolls-Royce Trent and RB211 gas turbines for Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline

Dresser-Rand Group Inc. recently announced the sale of its 700th DATUM centrifugal compressor. It is one of six purchased by Rolls-Royce to package with its TRENT and RB211 gas turbines. GAZPROM will install these compressor packages in Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline. This is the first DATUM compressor order for GAZPROM, the energy company managing construction of the booster compression station in the 750-mile (1,200-kilometer) Russian pipeline project. As a new leg of an existing network, the Nord Stream pipeline will extend under the Baltic Sea from eastern Siberia to Germany and transport an estimated 55 Bm3/year of natural gas upon completion in 2012.

The six DATUM D14 compressors, manufactured by Dresser-Rand in its Le Havre, France, facility will be located in a compression station at Portovaya, north of St. Petersburg. “The DATUM compressor with its unique modular design concept introduced significant advancements in efficiency and ease of maintenance while reducing life cycle costs,” said Jean-Bernard Roulet, regional sales manager of New Units at Dresser-Rand in Le Havre, France. “These 700 units can be found in 45 countries and represent nearly the full range of gas compression applications.”

Introduced in 1995, the first DATUM unit marked a new era in compression solutions. Besides setting new benchmarks in efficiency and life cycle economy, the DATUM compressor dramatically reduced manufacturing and delivery time and remains the most extensive product introduction in Dresser-Rand’s history.

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