Alfa Laval has received an order for compact heat exchangers from one of the major refineries in Russia. The order value is about US$15 million with delivery scheduled for 2010. The Alfa Laval compact heat exchangers will be used for preheating the crude oil before it goes into one of the main distillation processes.

By using Alfa Laval’s compact heat exchangers it is possible to recover heat from several streams of the refinery process. As a result the Russian refinery will be able to reduce its energy consumption by 340 MW and CO2 emissions by 850 000 tonnes annually. The reduction of CO2 emissions corresponds to approximately the emissions from all family cars during one year in Stockholm, the Swedish capital.

“The order confirms that Alfa Laval’s compact heat exchangers has an outstanding offer that fits the refinery needs; technical, financial and environmental”, says Lars Renström, President and CEO of the Alfa Laval Group. “It is also evidence that Russian refineries’ continuous to investment in energy efficiency.”

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