Following on from their announcement of August 2008, Mann+Hummel have confirmed their entry into the water filtration market.

One of the larger players in the filtration industry, no-one was surprised when Mann+Hummel announced their intention to branch into the water filtration section of the industry in August 2008. The water filtration industry continues to grow, and the investment of Mann+Hummel in this area reinforced the industry held view that the water segment has ‘staying power’ in difficult economic times.

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One year on, Mann+Hummel have announced more information about their activity in the water sector. Confirming their decision to open its water filtration headquarters in Singapore, the company state that the Singapore location will function as their water headquarters for Asia, with plans to advance into South America using the support of their international filtration business to assist their expansion in the water industry.

Using membrane filter technology, Mann+Hummel claim their filters can eliminate 99.999 percent of undesired particles such as germs, viruses and bacteria and deliver a consistent water quality in areas such as water recycling, service water reprocessing (grey water), wastewater recycling in industrial applications and water saving. As the filters do not use thermal separation methods, they may be able to keep maintenance and running costs down – an aspect important to developing markets as well as established water markets.

The customer can adapt the systems in stages to their needs in each case as the structure of the membrane filters is modular, be it for commercial applications or lareger systems for industry and the public sector.

Mann+Hummel believe that the market for water treatment will grow by 6 or 7 percent in 2009 and that its largest growth regions are the NAFTA countries – the USA, Canada and Mexico – and Asia.

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