Together with its joint venture partner Shanghai Electric Power Generation Equipment Co., Ltd. (SEPG), Siemens Energy has received a new order for delivery of its SPPA-T3000 I&C system and for gas turbine components for four SGT5-4000F units. The customer is the power provider Shenergy Company Ltd. The components are to be used in the LNG-fueled combined cycle power plant Shanghai Lingang, which will have an installed capacity of 4 x 400 MW.

sppa-t3000 I&C system
The SPPA-T3000 I&C system is currently installed in 18 Chinese power plants with a total of 36 units and a total output of 23 GW. The basis for the success of the SPPA-T3000 is its high level of system reliability, optimal control strategies and its load-based operating mode that can be customized for specific power plant units. This results in a higher degree of security against unscheduled outages and lower maintenance costs for the owner/operator.

Siemens has received orders for a total of 15 units F class and 2 units E class combined-cycle power plants in China since 2004 in its joint venture with SEPG. The project is scheduled to begin in mid-2009, with planned completion of the overall project by 2011. The Lingang combined-cycle plant will then primarily assume peak load regulation of the Shanghai power grid.

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