GE Energy announced that it has launched new technology for E-class gas turbines, which will lead to cleaner, efficient, more affordable power that will help save fuel, cut costs and enable reduced greenhouse gas emissions at Great River Energy’s Lakefield Junction Station in Trimont, Minnesota, U.S.A. The OpFlex Enhancements Package helps reduce the risk of turbine operation outside of emissions permit limits and expands the low-emissions operating envelope in terms of both load level and ambient conditions. These features, in turn, enable reduced greenhouse gas emissions through elimination of turbine operation and fuel consumption solely for tuning purposes and through improved turndown capability, which enables low-emissions operation at reduced load levels with reduced fuel consumption.

GE’s OpFlex Enhancements Package eliminates the need for seasonal combustor tuning, which reduces the costs associated with maintenance,” said Nathan Domyahn, manager, peaking generation, at Great River Energy. “It also eliminates fuel expenses for seasonal upkeep and tuning and provides improved operational flexibility, which will better position us in the industry.”

“What began as an effort to work with Great River to develop a solution to eliminate its expenses from seasonal DLN1 combustor tuning resulted in our new OpFlex package for E-class turbines,” said Dan Heintzelman, president of GE Energy’s services business. “Our new enhancements package for the E-class fleet is designed to expand our customers’ ability to operate their plants based on business priorities rather than existing equipment limitations, while meeting the demands of a changing power industry.”

This project also includes a Mark Ve controls retrofit on all six GE 7EA DLN1 gas turbines and the installation of a Mark VIe plant-level digital control system. The new Mark Ve control systems will enable Great River to implement multiple performance-enhancing technologies that will help to reduce fuel and harmful emissions. The Mark Ve control system uses technologically advanced processors, networks and operator interfaces. GE’s OpFlex Enhancement Packages currently deliver improved operability for more than 250 GE F-class gas turbines around the world.

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