Tognum’s business unit “Engines“ has been awarded an order for the delivery of “powerpacks” in the amount of US$15.8 million by Korean railcar manufacturer Rotem. Beginning in 2011, these rail drive units will be utilized in railcars to be used for operation in Irish local and regional rail traffic. Final customer is the railway operator Irish Rail and delivery of the powerpacks is scheduled between the end of 2009 and October 2010.

In 2005, Tognum had been awarded an order with a volume of US$36 million for the delivery of rail powerpacks to Ireland by Rotem. The current follow-up order also comprises complete rail drive systems consisting of engines and other components like gear boxes, filter systems and cooling systems. The overall system is based on an environmentally compatible 6H 1800 R83 engine with a power output of 360 kW, thus complying with the stringent EU Stage IIIA exhaust gas emission standards. Not only do these powerpacks feature considerable acceleration characteristics, but also low life cycle costs as well as low noise and vibration levels.

“This order highlights our position as a leading provider of tailored complete systems for rail applications“, explains Rainer Breidenbach, member of the executive board of Tognum AG with responsibility for the business unit “Engines”. “Within our new strategic initiative ‘propulsion’, and, in order to fully prepare ourselves for future requirements, we are currently putting our focus on innovative and intelligent drive solutions like hybrid technology, for example”, Breidenbach continued.

During the past year, Tognum has launched a prototype for a diesel railcar hybrid drive system featuring exhaust gas after treatment, complying with the requirements of the EU Stage IIIB guideline, which will take effect as of 2012.

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