HHI has developed a pump for installation at the bottom of oil storage tanks to export oil. In order to successfully operate, the pumps require advanced technology such as cable-free features and incident prevention functions. The submerged cargo oil pumps, rated at 2800 kW will be installed at the crude oil storage tank farm in Ulsan, South Korea, which is being built by Korea National Oil Corporation.

heavy pumps

HHI has also recently delivered four high pressure boiler water feed pump units to a cogeneration power plant currently under construction in Iran. The power plant will be equipped with a total of six water feed pumps. The newly delivered pumps are axial split type and feature reliable and stable operation. The pumps’ complicated single frame casing requires a high level of manufacturing technology. Given HHI’s recent success with this product, they expect to increase pump sales in Iran and neighboring countries.

For more information: www.hhi.co.kr

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