Johnson Matthey’s Stationary Emissions Control (SEC) Division announced that it will supply oxidation catalyst to Vogt Power International Inc. (VPI), a subsidiary of Babcock Power Inc., to control emissions from two combustion gas turbines being installed at the new NV Energy Harry Allen Electric Generating Station 25 miles north of Las Vegas. The combined cycle facility will produce 484 megawatts of electricity.

Vogt Power will design, engineer, manufacture and deliver duct-fired, three-pressure-level, natural circulation heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) that will be installed behind the GE PG7241 FA Frame gas turbines. The HRSGs will be equipped with a Johnson Matthey oxidation catalyst to reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

The Harry Allen Generating Station will be one of NV Energy’s cleanest, most energy-efficient and cost-effective electric generating facilities that will help assure reliability and expand renewable energy initiatives and investments. The new plant is scheduled to start up in 2011 and will primarily serve customers in southern Nevada.

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