Baleen self-cleaning filtration technology
Baleen is a unique self-cleaning filtration technology that offers reliable trouble-free separation of suspended constituents from process waters to as fine as 20-microns; its key competitive advantage being its ability to handle high constituent loadings at exceptionally fine micron-ratings, particularly within traditionally challenging applications – without downtime for backwashing.

In primary treatment applications Baleen offers near 100% removal of visible settleable, suspended and floatable matter including fat, grease and oil. In secondary treatments, Baleen may be employed for both enhanced pre-treatment or final polishing before higher-order treatments or re-use; and may serve as an alternative to conventional ‘skimming or scraping’ equipment to more efficiently separate and recover suspended substances from the process flow.

Baleen can also be used in pre-thickening of sludges and dewatering of membrane backwash streams (by removing ‘free’ water content) with or without the use of filter-aid. Please contact us at: or for more information.

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