PGE signed a contract with Alstom Power covering the retrofit of Unit 6 in the Belchatów power plant, Europe’s largest and the world’s second largest fossil power plant with a total installed power output of 4440 MW.

Alstom Power will provide equipment upgrades which will enable an increase in power output, economic efficiency and safety. The scope of the upgrade covers the reconstruction of the boiler and its auxiliary equipment, replacement of high pressure and intermediate-pressure part of the turbine, increasing power output of the generator and installation of new high-pressure heaters.

The retrofit will allow the unit to work within the frame of the new regulations (Directive 2001/80/EC), with a 50% reduction of NOx emissions and a reduction in CO2 emissions by over 400 000 tonnes/year, while ensuring a 20 MW increase in the unit’s power output and an increase in the unit’s efficiency to over 41%. Furthermore, the modernisation will improve availability and reliability, as well as extending the unit’s lifetime by 20 years

“This is the first major integrated retrofit project in Poland and we are very pleased to be able to work on this unique opportunity”, said Philippe Joubert, President of Alstom Power. “This project will benefit from Alstom’s expert knowledge of turbine and boiler technology, our proven track record in integrated retrofit projects, as well as our position as leaders in clean power production.”

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