GE Energy has announced a multi-year contractual service agreement (CSA) with Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) as it nears completion of what will become the world’s largest single-site aluminum smelter complex. The CSA will support EMAL’s recent investment in GE gas turbines and the long-term productivity and efficiency of the turbines.

Under the CSA, GE Energy will supply a wide range of services for the gas turbines, which are equipped with advanced emission control technologies to help EMAL reduce its carbon footprint and meet the regulatory requirements set by the Abu Dhabi Environmental Agency.

Valued at more than $200 million, the CSA is designed to support the power requirements of this project, located close to the Arabian Gulf near Al Taweelah, Abu Dhabi and considered to be the UAE’s largest industrial project outside of the oil and gas sector.

GE Energy announced last July that it is supplying Frame 9FA gas turbines, C7 steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators and condensers for the project. Equipment shipping began at the end of 2008 in keeping with the project timeline of starting operations in April 2010. The project will mark one of the first installations of GE’s Frame 9FA technology for an aluminum project. The units will be equipped with GE’s advanced Dry Low NOx (DLN) emissions technology, which will help meet EMAL’s goal of reduced environmental impact from the smelter complex.

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