IOtech has released the USB-based 655u, the latest in the 600 Series of Dynamic Signal Analyzers. The 655u offers both temperature and voltage input channels. It is the first DSA in the 600 Series to offer direct temperature measurements, which can be a critical part of many vibration analysis and monitoring applications.

The 655u features five temperature inputs, along with ten voltage or direct integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) input channels. The unit is compatible with most thermocouple types and RTDs, and offers open thermocouple detection. 24-bit, delta-sigma ADCs per channel give the 655u high resolution and exceptional AC and DC accuracy. The extremely low noise floor and low distortion provide the user with high-quality test data. The 655u offers a ±40V input range and can accommodate a variety of analog input types including accelerometer, velomiter, proximity, microphone, tachometer, or other voltage input. Also included is a 4 mA bias current with AC coupling for IEPE sensors.

Signal connections are made easy with front-panel BNC connectors for each of the ten analog inputs. Screw-terminal connectors are provided for temperature inputs as well as eight digital I/O channels. The 655u is compatible with IOtech’s eZ-Series software: eZ-TOMAS and eZ-TOMAS Remote for rotating machine analysis, eZ-Analyst for real-time vibration and acoustic analysis, and eZ-Balance for machine balancing (DSA channel support only with eZ-Analyst and eZ-Balance). DASYLab® driver support for the 600 Series has also been expanded to include the 655u.

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