SKF Reliability Systems has introduced its Microlog Analyzer AX, which features advanced vibration monitoring technology customizable to users’ specific applications.

SKF Reliability Systems has introduced its Microlog Analyzer AX, which includes simultaneous triaxial or fourchannel vibration measurement capability designed to speed up data collection and save time during service technician equipment monitoring rounds. The 806 MHz Xscale processor means faster real-time rate and display updates that can be viewed on the 16.2 cm VGA color display.

The new Microlog Analyzer AX incorporates all the features that analysts have come to expect from an SKF Microlog, including the SKF Acceleration Enveloping (gE) technology. The unit also provides the capabilities of four-channel nonroute/two-channel or simultaneous triaxial route analysis and two-channel balancing. The IP65-rated dust- and waterproof design remains reliable in tough industrial environments, while the rechargeable lithium battery supports eight hours of continuous data collection and eliminates the environmental negatives of used battery disposal.

With the unit, users can select from a range of application modules to create a custom device that suits individual requirements. Modules can be added as a user’s needs develop, increasing the value of the hardware investment by upgrading capabilities without the need to buy a new instrument.

These application modules include: balancing, bump analysis, recorder, frequency response function, run up/coast down and check to conformance. This range of application modules allows users to perform several advanced tasks such as impact tests, digital recording, modal analysis, transient phenomena analysis and quality inspections — all with the same device.

Alternatively, SKF’s preconfigured models — the AX-M, AX-S and AX-F —are also available with a selection of loaded modules to fit various needs.

“The first SKF Microlog was introduced in 1985, and the brand has grown to be one of the most preferred and widely used vibration analysis instruments in the world,” according to Scott Brady, business area director at SKF Reliability Systems. Whether a facility is just beginning an analysis program or has senior analysts with a wealth of experience, the SKF Microlog AX can be the right fit. New users can benefit from the speed, accuracy and consistency of triaxial and multichannel measurement capabilities, while advanced users can get the ultimate analysis capabilities available today all in one full- featured instrument.”

The SKF Microlog Analyzer AX is compatible with SKF @ptitude Analyst 4.1 or later software. SKF @ptitude Analyst is a component of the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that integrates data from a wide range of SKF portable and online data acquisition devices. Many Microlog accessories are available to further enhance safety and convenience.

SKF Reliability Systems is part of the worldwide SKF Service Division. The organization’s condition monitoring and service businesses help end users extend machine service life, reduce overall maintenance costs and improve plant efficiency by creating integrated solutions utilizing advanced technology and reliability maintenance management.

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