Filtration+Separation has produced a new interactive webinar in association with GE Energy. This online webinar is free to access.

The webinar was moderated by Nova Dudley-Gough, Editor of Filtration+Separation magazine, and covered the following topics:

1. Consistent performance and increased production with filtration fabrics
Using Preveil filtration fabrics
Presenter: Gregory Coy, Product Manager, GE Energy
(20 mins)
Your customers demand durable, high quality PTFE laminated fabrics for the production of bags and pleated products that help reduce energy costs, increase production and meet or exceed emissions requirements. Preveil fabrics can deliver consistent performance your customers need. Preveil fabrics are available “on-demand” globally.

2. Preventing contamination with microfiltration and venting membranes (20 min)
Using Aspire microfiltration and venting membranes
Presenter: Christopher Keller, Product Manager, GE Energy
(20 mins)
Aspire microfiltration media and venting solutions help protect sensitive equipment and packaging from contaminants while allowing the free flow of gases/vapors and equalizing system pressure. Used for protective packaging, and venting solutions for healthcare, electronic and automotive industries.

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