Two Niigata model number 16V32CLX, 4500 kW diesel engines, supplied to Koshikijima Daiichi power station and Shin-Kikai power station of Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc., of Kyushu Electric Power, deliver critical electricity for islanders living on the Koshikijima Island and the Kikaijima Island, belonging to Kagoshima Prefecture. The 16V32CLXtype diesel engine is an ultramodern, high-powered, fourcycle, medium-speed engine designed to provide reliable power for industrial or marine service under long, arduous conditions. The design is based on many years of engine manufacturing and incorporates maximum reliability with minimum maintenance and fuel consumption at low initial cost.

Operation of No. 3 unit of Koshikijima Daiichi power station and No. 6 unit of Shin-Kikai power station started in June 2008. The units will serve as the prime mover of each power station contributing to a stable electric power supply. This is the first time since 1999 that two power stations have commenced operation simultaneously, utilizing the same engine model on two different and remote islands.


Two Niigata 16V32CLX diesel engines are operating at the two
power plants of Kyushu Electric Co. Ltd.

Preservation of the global environment is of the utmost importance for Niigata Power Systems. As a basic concept of commercial activity, Niigata Power Systems has been coming to grips with the supply of products and services that are not only economical, but also will play a major role in controlling the exhaust of “greenhouse gasses” and pollutants. For this expansion, emphasis was put on multiple environmental considerations — for example, an anti-vibration foundation was utilized and NOx requirements have been met at each power station.

The Kyushu Electric Power Co. provides power to seven
prefectures. They operate a total of 72 generator sets with a
total power output of 274 MW.

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