McIlvaine reports that despite the recession, in 2009 pumps sales are predicted to be $32 billion worldwide.

In its latest analysis of the pump market, the McIlvaine Company sees pump sales in 2009 remaining steady at $32 billion worldwide, the same as 2008. However, while some markets will see substantial reductions in revenues, others will experience gains.

The report, ‘Pump World Markets’, sees centrifugal pumps as the biggest product group with predicted revenues of $23,872 million over the year. Rotary pumps will beat the diaphragm segment with $1 billion more in revenues. Reciprocating pump sales of around $2.330 million will be slightly lower than sales of diaphragm pumps of $2,786 million.

The industries that are expected to show the biggest increase include municipal water and municipal wastewater. These two markets combined will generate $12 billion in revenues, with the stimulus funding in the US and China being the main drivers for the increase.

The power market will remain flat, but there will be decreases in chemicals, mining, metals, refinery, stone and pulp and paper. Asia will show modest increases whereas the European market will shrink.

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