A new GoatThroat Pump system is now available for use with 275 galllon tote liquid storage containers.

GoatThroat Pumps are designed to dispense liquids safely without having to raise the tote for gravity feed. The new system features a standpipe which attaches to the existing fitting on the tote. Small amounts of pressur (4psi) are added to the standpipe rather than the whole container.

The pumps aim to deliver liquids with no spills or leaks and to provide a safe and clean alternative to standard tote dispensing. The pumps are available in four models, have a cost-effective life expectancy of 10 to 15 years and provide for transfer of more than 800 fluids and solvents.

The pumps were developed in conjunction with BioSafe Systems, LLC, the BioSecurity Company. The system is targeted at sites which seek to reduce waste in their liquid inventory delivery systems. Manufactured in the US, the pumps meet RoHS and US FDA food safe requirements.

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