New Enclosed Metallic Insulation System from Thermamax

Thermamax’s new enclosed metallic insulation for compensators and corrugated tubes allows continuous temperature management over the entire exhaust tract while ensuring flexibility and easy access. Thermamax has introduced a new, fully enclosed metallic insulation system for compensators located within the exhaust tract of internal combustion engines. The company said that the applications for these insulating […]

New Biogas Plant Runs Purely on Nonedible Materials

German researchers in February said they had developed the first-ever biogas plant to run purely on waste instead of edible raw materials. The team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS (Institut Keramische Technologien und Systeme) in Dresden said that the plant, which uses a fuel cell to convert the gas into […]

Dispersing the Heat

Centa has unveiled its CENTAMAX-HTC for diesel engines. The new coupling is a development of its CENTAMAX flexible coupling designed to dissipate heat far more rapidly than the previous version. Aimed at a variety of applications including marine propulsion, generators and locomotives, a new flexible coupling has been launched by Centa Transmissions Ltd. that the […]

Polymer membrane combines high temperature and chemical resistance

VICTREX PEEK high performance polymer has been selected by PoroGen Corporation for its new PEEK-SEP membrane technology for the separation of liquids and gases. PoroGen Corporation specialises in the development of high temperature porous polymeric materials and chose VICTREX PEEK because of its good combination of high temperature and chemical resistance. The PEEK-SEP line of […]

New Vibration Monitoring Technology from SKF

SKF Reliability Systems has introduced its Microlog Analyzer AX, which features advanced vibration monitoring technology customizable to users’ specific applications. SKF Reliability Systems has introduced its Microlog Analyzer AX, which includes simultaneous triaxial or fourchannel vibration measurement capability designed to speed up data collection and save time during service technician equipment monitoring rounds. The 806 […]

Compact, Portable System Converts Trash to Energy

Post-consumer waste could be the newest, ubiquitous fuel source for distributed energy generation if a mobile waste-toenergy conversion system launched this January finds its way onto the parking lots of facilities that produce more than two tons of waste daily. According to its developer, Massachusetts-based IST Energy, the GEM system can process up to 3 […]