ENKA Power, a leading utility company in Turkey, has become the first global customer to invest in GE Energy’s newest fuel-saving technology for gas turbines. The efficiency upgrades were completed during 2008 at two of Turkey’s most important power plants, ENKA Power’s facilities in Adapazari and Izmir. The new upgrades are capable of helping ENKA meet the terms of Turkey’s new energy initiative to improve efficiency and productivity.

The project marks the global debut of GE’s newly developed cooling optimization package for 9FA gas turbines. The package increases gas turbine efficiency by more than 1%, which is expected to provide ENKA with significant savings in fuel costs per kilowatt of electricity generated.

Total output of five combined-cycle blocks will increase by approximately 35 MW, or enough power to serve an additional 150 000 Turkish households. GE’s fuel-saving technology will help each gas turbine reduce the carbon release by 1% per megawatt produced.

The new gas turbine package applied at the two ENKA Power facilities is part of GE’s program to continually advance its worldwide fleet of F-class gas turbines and combined-cycle plants, in response to customer requirements for improved power plant performance and operational flexibility.

“When we were informed about the upgrade package, we got excited about expected results,” said Tahsin Kösem, operations director of ENKA Power Plants. “Since ENKA has always been a leader in the energy sector, we have decided to become the first plant to implement and help validate this important upgrade program.”


GE Energy’s newest fuel-saving technology is helping ENKA Power meet the terms of Turkey’s new energy initiative to improve efficiency and productivity. The photo above shows an F-class gas turbine similar to the units installed at the ENKA Power facilities.

GE supplied 10 Frame 9FA gas turbines — six for the Adapazari/Gebze plant and four for the Izmir plant — to ENKA Power in 2000, and the plants were commissioned in 2002 and 2003, adding a total of approximately 3830 MW of power to the Turkish electricity grid. While upgrade packages for six of the 10 gas turbines have been completed during 2008, the remaining four will be completed in 2009 as part of a scheduled major outage for the units.

GE is providing the components for the upgrade packages, with support from ENKA’s subsidiary CIMTAS for piping fabrication and installation. Additionally, GE is installing upgraded Mark VIe control systems to further enhance gas turbine performance. Mark V processors will be upgraded to modern Mark Ve processors for mounting in the existing cabinets. Using technologically advanced processors, networks and operator interfaces, the new Mark Ve control system is enabling ENKA to implement multiple performance-enhancing technologies that help reduce fuel and harmful emissions.

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