ERI to provide energy efficient water to South America

Energy Recovery Inc (ERI) have been awarded a contract by Acciona Agua to provide its PX technology to Acciona Agua’s latest desalination plant in Venezuela. ERI produce energy recovery devices which lower the energy consumption in desalination plants. ERI, who are one of the leading providers of high-efficiency energy recovery products and technology for desalination, […]

Cutting clogging in wastewater systems

Clogging, or ‘ragging’, is a major headache for operators of sewage pumping stations, and can be very costly in terms of downtime and possible sewage pollution. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Uwe Thamsen of TU Berlin – Fluidsystemdynamik explains how recent research may change all this. Sewage pumping stations serving medium-sized to large cities often comprise one […]


GPB80D gas turbine power generation system powered by a Kawasaki 7000 kW Class M7A-03D gas turbine. A Munksjö Paper production plant, located in Unterkochen, Germany, is the site of the first GPB80D gas turbine power generation system powered by Kawasaki’s 7000 kW class M7A-03D gas turbine. The order was received by the German subsidiary of […]

Seccua introduces ultrafiltration system for drinking water treatment

Seccua has launched a drinking water ultrafiltration installation, which has been particularly designed for use in households, small individual water supplies, restaurants and catering businesses. The Spot Pro installation from Seccua operates at a peak flow rate of up to 36 litres/min (9.5 GPM) and filters turbidity and pathogens out of the water in a […]


In September 2008, GE Energy’s Jenbacher J624, the world’s first 24-cylinder gas engine, made its commercial debut in a new cogeneration plant installed at one of the Netherlands’ largest commercial tomato greenhouse operations. Two of GE’s 4 MW, natural gas-fueled J624 GS engines are powering the cogeneration plant at Royal Pride Holland’s sprawling greenhouse facility […]