Cole-Parmer has redesigned its line of Masterflex B/T process pumps, which are suitable for the bulk transfer of viscous and shear-sensitive fluids.

At the core of the new design is a pump head door that opens fully to allow easy access for changing or inspecting of the tubing. Optimal occlusion is automatic when the door is closed and latched and there is a secure retention mechanism which grips the tubing for trouble-free loading and prevents tubing creep or roll. The pump has a new flush-mounted, corrosion-proof latch which can be operated without the use of tools.

The pumps incorporate the company’s PerfectPosition pump tubing which features retention marks to indicate the exact tubing alignment needed for optimal performance and tubing life. Two tubing sizes, B/T 87 and B/T 91, deliver flow rates from 0.67 to 37 LPM in high-pressure applications.

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