Testo AG is a German manufacturer of measurement products for a wide range of applications including heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial processes, and stationary engine and thermal plants. An entire family of products from Testo is dedicated to exhaust emissions analysis. Alexander Schmid, product manager at Testo, explained that such products also allow versatile sampling probes for many different sampling locations that cover high to extreme measuring ranges for use in raw gas or special high-temperature atmospheres.

“The practice-oriented instrument concept for emissions measurement at Testo offers some key features: pre-calibrated gas sensors with plug-in electronics, which are as easy to change as batteries; integrated dilution system for extended testing ranges, greater sensor protection and unlimited testing possibilities; and our instruments also feature an integrated Peltier gas preparation, with a hose pump for condensate disposal,” said Schmid.

The emissions easurement product family is composed of several different instruments. Schmid first described the testo 360, a reference instrument of this family. “This gas analyzer offers a maximum of seven different gas sensors,” said Schmid. “In terms of accuracy, it is fully compatible with stationary measurement technology and it has been tested for suitability for all systems according to TI air, 13 and 17, and BlmSchV.

Moreover, the 360 features an integrated low absorption Peltier gas preparation. Its data logger is capable of storing measurements over several days and weeks.” The smaller brother to the testo 360 is the portable measurement system testo 350 S/XL that features a maxi-

portable measurement system.jpg

The Testo 350 S/XL, shown here in the XL version, is a portable measurement system with a maximum of six gas sensors. The product has been tested by the U.S. EPA’s Technology Verification Program.

mum of six gas sensors and offers a fast and easy measurement cell changing with pre- alibrated gas sensors. Also, this product has an integrated Peltier gas preparation with a hose pump for condensate disposal. “The testo 350 has been proven to be the leader of emissions analyzers, after testing by more third-party organizations than any other portable analyzer,” commented Schmid. “The U.S. EPA’s Technology Verification Program is just one of many.”

Completing the family are two compact analyzers: the testo 335, with a maximum of three different gas sensors that also offers a logger function, and the testo 325-I, with one gas sensor.

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