Emerson and MPSA Form Alliance

Emerson Process Management has announced the formation of an alliance with Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc. (MPSA). The alliance, which combines Emerson’s experience in power plant automation and control with Mitsubishi’s experience in gas and steam turbine design and service, applies to North American and Latin American turbine retrofit projects supporting W251, W501D5, W501D5A and […]


Best Management Practices for Coal Ash Ponds The unfortunate coal ash spill at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA’s) Kingston Fossil Plant that occurred on December 22 has heightened national awareness of the problems associated with utilities’ coal ash surface impoundments if they are not properly maintained. Regulations governing coal combustion waste disposal vary considerably from […]

Long-Term Maintenance Contract for Alstom

Alstom has signed a 20-year long-term maintenance contract valued at US$399 million with Algerian O&M Co. SPA for the Sharikat Kehraba Terga (SKT) power plant located in Terga in northwest Algeria. The contract scope includes planned and unplanned maintenance activities including parts and supervision services for the three GT26 gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and […]

International Organization to Push Renewable Energy

Seventy-five countries from around the world joined a new political agency dedicated to the acceleration of green energy this January, but several notable nations—including the U.S., Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, and China—were not among them. The nations founded the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) on Jan. 26 in Bonn, Germany. The agency, which started operations […]

Sonelgaz Signs US$1 Billion in Service Agreements with GE

The Algerian state-owned power company Sonelgaz has signed service agreements with GE Energy worth more than US$1 billion. The service agreements will help to improve efficiency, output and reliability of 51 gas turbines installed in 13 power plants across the country. The agreements include: an 18-year contractual service agreement for the Koudiet Eddraouch power plant […]

Siemens Wins Iraq Contract

The Siemens Sector Energy has secured a contract from Iraq for the supply of key components for the expansion of the country’s power system. The purchaser is the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity. The order volume is approximately US$2 billion. Siemens is supplying a total of 16 gas turbines with a total capacity of 3150 MW. […]