Haver & Boecker, a manufacturer of high-precision wire cloth and screens and Artech Ultrasonic Systems Ag, a specialist in ultrasound technology, are collaborating to provide custom-made ultrasonic screening systems with frequency variation that can sift powders with split cuts of = 300 µm.

The complete screening systems are custom-made for existing screening machines and include a pre-tensioned screens, generator, ultrasonic converter, feeding sound conductor, screen sound conductor, insulated HF cable and support elements. The generator converts electrical energy into high-frequency energy which is then converted to mechanical energy by the converter. The sound waves cause the screen frame or sound conductor to oscillate at high-frequencies. These oscillations are then transferred to the screening cloth where they are evenly distributed and reduce the frictional resistance between the grains and the screen, lessening a tendency towards blockage, and resulting in increased throughput, the company says.


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