The first power station with 22/28 engines (works mark 8DG22G1) by JSC Rumo was started up at ZAO Group of Companies ZBI, settlement Stroitel, Belgorod region, Russia this past June. The 4 MW power station consists of 4 gen-sets with outputs of 1 MW at 1000 r/min by JSC RUMO. The 400 Valternators are supplied by Ryssian company Privod from the city of Lysva. The 22/28 engines have been designed at RUMO based on 130 years of machine building experience. The first 22/28 engine was created in a diesel version and now JSC RUMO launched its serial production.

The erection process of the first of five new gas motor-compressors of the MKS12 type supplied by RUMO, started in October at the compressor station of the underground gas storage facility in Baku, Azerbaijan. There are already four similar units also supplied by RUMO at this site. The new compressors will increase capacity of this facility more than two times and not due to start commercial service until next midyear.

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