The company recently announced that it has received an order for the construction of a diesel generator set from the Okinawa Electric Power Co. Inc. For this project, a single generator power is set at 18 MW — surpassing what is currently the largest domestic single generator power of 10 MW. The final delivery,designated to be carried out after performing a trial run on the site, is scheduled for completion in June 2011.

In other power plant news, the company has completed the demonstration power plant driven by its proprietary Green Gas Engine. The demonstration plant was built at Joetsu Energy Service (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture), an affiliate of Japan Energy Network. It employs the largest of the Green Gas Engines, the KG-18, which is a gasfueled,V-configuration, 18-cylinder engine with output of 7800 kW.Recently, it was announced that the plant topped a world record with an electric generation efficiency of 48.5% over 1300 hours of operation.

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