2009 industrial pump sales will remain the same as 2008 at US$32.5 billion with only 2.5% growth in 2010, suggests McIlvaine in its Pumps World Markets forecast. While some market segments will have a small increase, some will be down by as much as 10%.

Markets that will show some increase include municipal water and wastewater,the food industry, which will grow by 4%, and power which will have the largest growth at 7%, helped by the construction of large new coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants in Asia. Electronics and mining will fare less well, with a decrease of 10%, while metals sales will be down by 6% and pulp & paper by 3%.

Pump market sales growth geographically roughly follow that of other industries, with an increase in Asia (2.8%) and a decrease in Europe (1.7%). Increased investment in municipal wastewater treatment facilities in the US China, and other countries will be reflected in higher revenues starting in 2010 but will not affect sales in 2009.


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