The newly developed D2862 V12 diesel engine is the most powerful power-generation engine in the portfolio of the MAN business unit Engines and will open up channels to new markets. This 12-cylinder unit has a displacement of 24.2 L, a stroke of 128 mm and a bore of 157 mm. In standby operation the V12 provides mechanical output of 880 kW at 1500 r/min and 1117 kW at 1800 r/min for generation of electricity. For prime power the D2862 yields 700 kW at 1500 r/min and 800 kW at 1800 r/min — 110 kW more than its predecessor.

Thanks to the configuration of the engine the D2862 is not only considerably more powerful, but also retains the usual high reliability and availability over its long service life. In terms of economy, the D2862 needs up to 29 g/kWh less fuel at full load than its predecessor. These top figures are achieved through the use of new technologies such as common rail injection and single-stage supercharging with a biturbo version to optimize the charge reversal. The D2862 meets the EC Stage IIIA/EPA Tier 4 interim exhaustgas standards.

The launch of the D2862 also marks the kick-off for a new generation of V engines. The focus is on reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The MAN business unit Engines offers six-cylinder, inline engines and eight-, 10- and 12-cylinder Vee-configuration engines with ratings from 225 to 1117 kW for use in standby generators and for continuous power generation.

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