Niigata Power Systems has developed a medium-speed diesel engine that it calls its most clean marine diesel engine. The new 28AHX was announced at SMM Hamburg last September.This newly developed marine dieselengine can comply with Tier 2 by itself although it also has been being studied continuously to comply with Tier 3.

The cylinder bore is 280 mm and it has an output power per cylinder of 370 kW. The 28AHX will be available in six-, eight- and nine-cylinder versions, which can cover the output range of 2220 to 3330 kW. The debut of Niigata 28AHX was expected for environmental compliance and the series is assigned as the strategic platform for Niigata medium-speed engines.

In other news, two 18V28AG generator sets, one of the largest micro-pilot gas engines in the world, has been put into the service operation as the power plant in Niigata prefecture. The electric power output is about 12 MW.

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