MWM introduced the TCG 2016 C, replacing the TCG 2016 and TCG 2016 B, both characterized by a higher total efficiency of up to 85.7% and a higher thermal efficiency of up to 44.6%. The TCG 2016 C is available as a V12 and V16 with outputs of 600 and 800 kWm at 1500 r/min respectively. The new TCG 2016 C can be operated with natural gas as well as with biogas. As for the predecessors TCG 2016 and TCG 2016 B, the TCG 2016 C has the maintenance intervals E70 for natural gas of 64 000 hours for the 50 Hz version and 48 000 hours for 60 Hz operation.

New Ratings

The lube oil temperature of the TCG 2032 has been increased: for engine series TCG 2032 (with maximum 250 kWm/cyl) the lube oil inlet temperature into the engine after the lube oil heat exchanger allows an increase up to 80°C. This means that in most cases the lube oil cooler can be installed in the engine jacket water cooling circuit. This results in an easier and therefore cost effective solution because the expensive double-wall lube oil cooler is not needed.

Emissions and Alternative Fuels/Power Sources

MWM reported about its technology to comply with the limit value of German TA Luft for biogas and sewage gas. A gas cleaning system combined with a catalyst enables the gen-set to go below the limit value of the TA Luft in Germany and to get the bonus of the new renewable energy law (EEG) from Jan. 1, 2009. Because of the good quality of the gas, the maintenance intervals can be increased additionally. In parallel, MWM stated that its R&D is working onfurther aftertreatment technologies.

Parts – Service – Warranty The former Service-Center Abroad of MWM was included in the department Service Sales International as Field Service International to strengthen the international service activities and to increase effectiveness and customer focus in the International Service Business.

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