MAN Diesel introduced a further,medium-speed engine with common rail fuel injection in 2008 — the common rail version of the 48/60 engine platform — and sold its first axial turbochargers with VTA technology. The 48/60CR engine is now the most powerful four-stroke in the MAN Diesel range at 1200 kW/cyl for marine applications and 1050 kW/cyl for stationary.

Variable Miller Cycle
Looking ahead to IMO Tier III and also targeting greenhouse gas reduction,MAN Diesel recently reported the results of the European Union’s “Hercules” project that investigated the emissions and fuel-consumption reduction potential of flexible parameter setting technologies on a fourstroke engine with the aim of attaining a strong and variable Miller cycle.

On the 32/44CR test engine, MAN Diesel achieved significant improvements in all major areas: fuel consumption, NOx emissions and specific output, while attaining favorable smoke emissions and load acceptance in lowload operation.

The Turbocharger Business Unit based at MAN Diesel in Augsburg is creating interest among vessel operators adopting slow steaming to save fuel with the VTA system.

In the VTA system, fixed-vane nozzle rings are substituted by nozzle rings with electronically controlled, electrically actuated adjustable vanes, which allows charge-air delivery to be precisely matched to charge-air demand, and so reduces fuel consumption and related emissions and improves engine response. A major milestone in the field testing of VTA came in early 2008 when results after 3000 operating hours validated the VTA actuation system’s reliability in HFO operation. MAN Diesel reported that excellent results were obtained in emissions reduction while a 2 to 3% reduction in fuel consumption was recorded.

Enhanced R&D Facilities
MAN Diesel began a complete renewal of its test facilities in Augsburg, Germany, during 2008, separating test beds and end-of-line testing, and introducing a range of new test equipment with a strong emphasis on emissions measurement.October 2008 also saw the commissioning of a new test stand for mechanical systems whose functions include the testing of camshaft actuated systems.

Application Highlights

2008 saw both the first sales of the type 51/60DF four-stroke dual-fuel gas engines for a stationary, power generation application and the first conversion of a 48/60 heavy fuel engine to full 51/60DF specification. The first new 51/60DF engines sold are 12V versions to power two 10.9 MW gen-sets at the new Owen Springs Power Station in Australia. The first retrofit 51/60DF is at a cogeneration plant run by the Têxtil Manuel Gonçalves textile works at Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal.

The retrofit was carried out as part of a major overhaul by MAN Diesel’s rapidly expanding PrimeServ aftermarket organization. As well as the first sales of VTA turbochargers, the Turbocharger Business Unit at MAN Diesel also celebrated the sale of the 3000th axial TCA turbocharger. Fittingly, the landmark turbocharger was a TCA66V with VTA technology. On the marine propulsion side, MAN Diesel sold its first IMO Tier II compliant engines in late September as part of a propulsion package to Aker Yards Oy, Rauma, Finland. Aker is building two large RoPax ferries for P&O Ferries and each ship will receive four 7600 kWrated inline seven-cylinder type 7L48/60CR main engines.

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