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20-cylinder gas engine, by the German manufacturer MWM, is one of the systems currently being used in Indian decentralized power generation plants.

The company formerly known as Deutz Power Systems GmbH, which recently became MWM (reclaimed from the company’s 1920s name Motoren- Werke Mannheim) has reported a growing demand for gas-powered, decentralized energy supply plants in India. According to the company, its know-how in the sector, a thorough knowledge of the market and its cooperation with local partner Green Power International Pvt. Ltd. can be of great benefit to the country.

A few of the latest projects that the German-based manufacturer has been involved with in the Indian subcontinent include public places such as shopping centers and schools, as well as industrial production sites. precisely, the American Embassy School. This is a complex of about 55 000 m2 where more than 1300 pupils from around 50 countries study every day. The school was equipped with a power generation plant that dated back to 1952 and needed modernization with an eye toward improved total efficiency.

A new TCG 2020 V12 K gas engine generator set by MWM was installed, providing 1021 kW of electrical power and 1230 kW of thermal power. This ensures an electricity supply as well as air conditioning to the school buildings, which have a peak power requirement of up to 950 kW. MWM calculated that this plant reaches a total efficiency of close to 90%.

Three TCG 2020 V16 K gas engine generator sets by MWM have been used in one of the production plants of Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. This company is an Indian tile producer with an annual capacity of over 26 million m2 of tiles. The manufacturing facility, located in Sikandrabad, in the State of Uttar Pradesh, was already equipped with a CHP plant that needed an increased capacity to reach 2.4 MW of electrical power and 2 MW thermal power output.

The three new generator sets reach an electrical output of 1364 kW each, plus 1550 kW per unit in the form of hot air for the drying process of the ceramic tiles. According to MWM, the total efficiency of this installation exceeds 85%.

Gujarat Glass Ltd. is a Mumbai-based producer of glass containers for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. One of the company’s plants, located in Kosamba in Gujarat State, has increased production by more than 40% a year in order to meet increased market demand for its products. Consequently, it needed additional power for the manufacturing processes.

In this case, a TCG 2032 V16 gas engine generator set was chosen. According to MWM, it delivers 3904 kW electrical power, with approximately 30 000 MWh of energy output and an electrical efficiency of about 42%. Another MWM customer is Cheminova India, a manufacturer of plant protection products. The company has a manufacturing facility in Mumbai, The TCG 2020, 20-cylinder gas engine, by the German manufacturer MWM, is one of the systems currently being used in Indian decentralized power generation plants.

The Pacific Mall is a large shopping center in Ghaziabad in the Indian State Uttar Pradesh, located about 20 km east of Delhi. The center, operated by Naman Buildcon Ltd., has a sales floor of approximately 3000 m2 and a total area of 5000 m2. The operator chose MWM and its Indian partner, Green Power International Pvt. Ltd., to supply two TCG 2020 V16 K gas engine generator sets that together deliver 2728 kW of electrical power and 2920 kW of thermal power. According to MWM, the plant in the Pacific Mall has a total efficiency of over 83%.

Another project in the New Delhi metropolitan area concerns the embassy of the United States of America and, more where the existing combined heat and power plant was not sufficient for the energy demand. The system provided by MWM consists of two TCG 2020 V12 K gas engine generator sets that each ensure 1021 kW of electrical power and 635 kW in steam power, plus 670 kW cooling output in total. MWM has calculated that the total efficiency of the plant for Cheminova is nearly 80% and that the energy bill for the Indian manufacturer has been reduced by about 20%.

Finally, a rather big project involving five TCG 2020 V16 K gas engine generator sets has been executed for the textile company Ginni Filaments. A combined heat and power plant was commissioned for the company’s manufacturing facilities in Panoli, in Gujarat State. The plant needed to ensure a 5 MW electrical peak power output, a 3.5 MW thermal power output, and 300 tons of refrigeration capacity. The five generator sets by MWM deliver 1364 kW electrical power each, for a total of 6820 kW. Each unit also produces 550 kW of thermal output, and a total of 1055 kW cooling energy is delivered by the waste heat of the engines.

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