Zibo Diesel Engine Factory continues to produce its 8000, LB6250, LB6250 and N330 series of medium-speed marine diesel engines. The four-stroke, direct-injection engines of the 8000 series are available in an eight-cylinder configuration. The line has a continuous output rating range of 735 to 1103 kW while maximum output ranges from 464 to 1213 kW.

There are also 18 models in the LB6250 series of engines. They are available in turbocharged and nonturbocharged variants. This engine series has a continuous output range of 662 to 1103 kW while its maximum output range is from 620 to 1213 kW.

The LB8250 series includes 16 engines. The turbocharged and air aftercooled engines are four-stroke units with direct injection are available with a continuous output range of 882 to 1470 kW and a maximum output or 620 to 1618 kW. The N330 series diesel engines continue to be developed using imported technology from Yanmar. Since their debut on the market, the machines have been operating on large dredgers, LPG tankers and tugboats, including Asia’s largest dredger Heaven Whale.

These engines are vertical, fourstroke units with direct injection. They are available in six- and eight-cylinder configurations, three models of each, and feature a continuous power output range of 2207 to 3310 kW.

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